Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whats Coming Up on TwoClassyChics PR and Giveaways This Week!

This coming week we have a lot of great product reviews and giveaways we will be posting up onto our blog. Remember...This post is just a 'tease' of what we will be posting this week but does not include everything nor do we tell you which day we will be posting them on. Please subscribe to our daily email newsletter via Feedburner to keep up with us!

Come by and Enter to win some of our awesome Giveaways at the TwoClassyChics and read our fabulous Product reviews too!

Some of the general reviews and/or giveaways coming up this week:

Bath & Body Products
Skin Care Products for Tweens
Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
Organic and/or Eco-Friendly Products
Gourmet Food and Beverages
Delicious Snacks and Candy
Cleaning Products
Household and/or Home Decor
Book Reviews & Book Giveaways
DVDs, Toys and Games for Kids
Women's Shoes
Razor Blade Sharpening Device
Beauty Products
Mother's Day Flowers
High-Quality Bed Pillows
Women's Pajamas
Fabulous Candles
Hair Care Products
Replica Designer Sunglasses

We hope you all love the reviews and giveaways we have been bringing to all of you. If there is anything in particular you want us to review for all of you, leave a comment on this post & we will see if we can hunt down a few! Thank you for entering our giveaways & for reading our reviews! We appreciate ALL of you!!!

Shelly & Chris and the TCC Product Review Team

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