Monday, April 30, 2012

Vans for the Handicapped

Posted by Shelly H at 7:26 AM
Three years ago my husband and I became the primary caretakers for my 87 year old great aunt per my uncle's dying wish. They have never had any children so someone in our family had to step up and take her of her. That responsibility has fallen onto my husband and I.

During the past 3 years her health has really taken a turn for the worse. She can no longer walk on her own and is pretty much wheelchair bound. We do most of her care ourselves and do hire out when we can.

One thing that has become a problem for us is getting her to and from all of her medical appointments, now that she is in the wheelchair almost full time. After much thought, we have decided to look into vans for handicapped to help us get her from point A to point B. We have don't know much about these types of handicap vans, so we had to resort to doing some online research.

We found a great online site called MobilityWorks that has vans for the handicapped along with lifts and various other equipment. I love that they list new and pre-owned mobility vans right on their web site so that hubby and I don't have to waste time running around. They also have a great informative blog that we found interesting and very helpful.

We also realized by reading their site is that you can buy a van or rent one for a very affordable price. Since auntie is not in good health, I think renting one for when we need it will be the way for us to go.

Have any of you ever needed a van for the handicapped? If so, did you purchase one or rent one? Since we are just looking at our options we would love to get some feedback from all of our blog readers. Please feel free to leave us some comments, suggestions and tips below in our comment form. Thanks!


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